I’m good

Yeah …. nah

Actually I started the day out suidical.

Yep and I ended yesterday suidical too.

After court last week my ex decided to use his brother to get to me. Saying I had done this and I had done that. Now add to that I was supposed to be going to their mothers house to get my belongings.

It’s a complicated situation. But In the end because my ex’s brother is talking to my ex which is a breach of their mothers avo on my ex, the brother has put my safety at risk.

This brother is verbally abusive and aggressive with me. And triggers me. Yes triggers me.

So I canceled the movers.

Now I have to deal with losing all my little treasures that mean so much to me. Photos my first partner took. ATC (artist trading cards) that I spent 7 years collecting and have over 600 of. My art supplies. A deck chair my daughter made me. My grandmothers sewing Machine. Along with the relentlessness of these siblings who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. I feel like a bettle that got caught in a spiders web and was lucky enough to escape. But the spider doesn’t want to give up so easily.

I have rang the police who advised to just go to the mother house and “if” anything happens call triple 0 . My personal safety is worth more than that.

So I have slump into a deep depression.

There ya go.

And btw don’t tell me to reach out.

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