Domestic violence has some lasting effects and they pop up at the weirdest times.

I say sorry all the time ,to lots of people ,even the blind dog who is really a statue and a donation box ( but I’ll tell you a secret I always give him a pat) I say sorry for little things . I say sorry for things I didn’t do because I didn’t think about but it was out of my control. I had turned myself inside out, changed me for an arsehole. A small minded person who thought it was their right to belittle, degrade, treat like a slave, wake up, control, etc etc etc

Sometimes it feels like it will never end. The heaviness. The depression. The loss. The anxiety. It’s important to say that I refuse to give up. So many people inspire me. Have through their story shown me that I will be ok. That the sun will shine again. That I can use it all for a lesson to become a better woman.

More beautiful

More understanding

More honest

And all the good things

So if the sun isn’t shining for you today, get a yellow pencil and a piece of paper and draw one and then write…. then sun will shine in my heart again.

And remember I love you.

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