Standing strong

Today, I sit in the morning sunlight.

Knowing that the path I am on.

Knowing that all that I have been through has had its purpose in teaching me lots of different lessons.

This is why I write this blog.

I write it for you.

Yes, you.

I write it to help others and show them that there is light. That you will triumph.

Keep going.

Love yourself.

Go deep within yourself.

Know the real you.

The beautiful, wonderful you.

Yes you are beautiful.

Let go of the shame

Let go of the self hatred

Let go of the “but the world says I should be….”

Let go

Cry the tears

After the tears go deep in your soul where the peace is, this is where after crying I knew

I KNEW. That I was pansexual.

I let go of what my family thought I should be.

Of the shame

Of the self hatred.

You are you . Nobody can do you like you.

The quote ” be yourself, everybody else is taken” is sooooo true.

You have something the the world needs to see.

You have a gift.

You are that gift.

The world has never been changed by confirming.

The world changes because people through out history have challenged the status quo.

I believe transgender identifying people have such a gift to give the world. Nobody has seen the world like they have. From both sides of each gender. To me there is such beauty in that.

I not saying is easy because it’s not.

I’m saying stand strong and be you.

You are beautiful

You are wonderful

And remember I love you

Be kind

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