Scrolling through Facebook today as we all do, a video popped up about the Aussie who started the organisation of R U OK? A suicide prevention charity.

The guy who started it ,died from bone cancer, in 2011. Here I am in 2019, realising that , in January this year, I said to a friend can you please check in with me in a regular basis because I’m not ok. Which they did.

I look back on these past 8 months with amazement, and feel so much gratitude for the few people who have actively checked in with me.

Our lives are so busy, we forgot the quiet ones. Who can be struggling or maybe fine.

So today I challenge you to check in with a friend you haven’t talked to for a while. See how they are going.

I’m not perfect. I go day to day feeling swamped in my life with mum and dad. Not knowing what is next for me. I still have no job , still live with my parents. Technically still homeless. But that doesn’t make me powerless, there is in some ways, a freedom in that.

So I will challenge myself to do the same.

In a world that says think only of yourself, I say

Think of others

Be kind

And remember

I love you

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