The effect you have on others ….not just the human kind

Today I while driving home I started to think about some people in my life that probably don’t think they have any affect on others at all. To those people, I am here to tell ,you do!

See one of those people told me of how they sat down next to a bird as it lay dying. I think of what that bird must have felt. What beauty and love was poured out on to that bird as it took its last breath.

The next feeds stray cats most days. What a gift you are. What love of those animals you have!And those cats I’m sure love you in their own cat way.

The next just by being who you are ,inspires me to stand strong in who I am.

Your love for animals. Your path of courage.

Never underestimate kindness. EVER.

You see these three people just go about their day anxiety rife. House bound most days, but I say bravo to you.

That bird thanks you

Those cats thank you

And I thank you for being YOU

Never underestimate your time. Your time given to others. There is much beauty in the world and those people I have told you all about added to it by being kind and thoughtful.

So when life is shitty and “the world says”

It’s only a bird.

They only stray cats

You are queer and don’t fit in.

Don’t believe it!

You are amazing

You are awesome

Keep doing what you are doing!!

And remember

Be kind

And I love you

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