Releasing the anger

So I after my last post , I thought about how to deal with the anger and grief I was feeling. I remembered ,the anger iceberg. So the anger in side me was telling me something.

I looked up the anger iceberg and wrote all the emotions I related to.


















I sat there looking at those emotions and painted a volcano with some of these written underneath

That day I went to the library and went to the self development section. I saw a book by Louise Hay. You can create an exceptional life. Turning the first few pages it had a section of all the other books and CDs etc she had written and anger releasing jumped out at me. So I ended up downloading the audio of that and morning and evening meditation.

The anger releasing was intense and cleansing and most of freeing.

By working through that I have freed up space for other work. Work I believe I am meant to be doing.

There is a deep drive within me to help the lgbtqi community redirect itself. To love ourselves deeply. To let go of our toxic shame .

For we are superheroes, all of us.

In the morning meditation Louise says to say over our day to say

“I approve of you” to yourself

That 300 times a day is not enough

So sitting quietly this morning I find myself saying that and also “I Love You” to myself.

We all are here on earth, at this point in history, for reason.

And while it’s seems that capitalism is the driving force ,it’s power ,is nothing compared to love. Sending out love to the dying birds, and the birds happily chirping in the trees. Sending love to someone on the other side of the world. Sending out love to everyone and everything.

Wrapping ourselves up in self love and approval. Wherever you are in the world. I encourage you to work through the anger and shame , because on the other side is freedom. There is such a love and beauty.

I find my soul rejoicing at the sound of the bulbuls chirping in the trees. The magpies warbling at the sun. The kookaburras laughing first thing in the morning. The wattle birds quickly going from tree to tree.

And of course the beautiful busy bees buzzing on the lavender in the front yard.

Be kind my darlings.

And remember

I Love you

One thought on “Releasing the anger

  1. This is so good to read! I’d wondered where your anger iceberg came from, and now will find that book for myself. So useful! I carried around I Love My Body, by that author, in the bib pocket of my overalls in the 80s. Back then she worked a lot with HIV+ gay men and I was interested in her outsiders perspective of that culture. In Sydney, I consulted a couple of therapists who said they used her theories. Those people were no help to me, but her books were my bibles. Some of her techniques worked better for me than others. The poem that starts “Deep at the centre of my being is an infinite well of love..” worked better for me than the mirror work. Interesting to hear that the mirror work is so powerful for you. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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