It’s going to ok.

Something quite profound has happened to me. Yesterday I had to work a bit more on the shame and hurt I felt that I had written on , in my last post. I googled shame and came upon a blog called the little Buddha. I read a post about how the writer had processed their shame. I did what they had said they had done.

I’m sorry. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you

So I wrote all the things I was sorry about. Things I had done to myself or took upon myself, that weren’t mine to take on. I forgave myself for things I had been hanging on to. I thanked myself for the things I was proud of. And lastly I told myself …. I LOVE YOU.

I felt so relieved. At peace.

Today I did a jewellery making course. Over the progression of the day as the ring I was making was coming to life. I decided to make this a sign of commitment to myself.

From this day forward I promise to love myself . I promise to do some kind of self care everyday. I promise to listen and hear myself.

This is profound for me. This is life changing .

Sitting quietly and wrapping myself up in love. No thoughts. Just love.

Nothing has changed, as in I still live with Dad, I still don’t have a job. But here’s the thing. Its going to be ok. Everything is coming together. I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok.

Be kind

And remember I LOVE YOU (& ME)

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