Dating…… myself…

That’s right I took myself out for dinner tonight. It’s been such an incredible crazy year. To go from a state of absolute shock and trauma to getting up determined to learn from it all.

I got up from my afternoon nap. God I love my naps! I thought I might go to the movies. The movie theatre was closed to the public, so I decided I would get myself another bra, cause the girls are hangin a little low and need some extra support , lol. Bought myself an inxs tee shirt as well. Then I went to a casual dining place. The waitress sat me so I was watching the tv. They had clips of dogs and bmx doing tricks etc. I starting laughing at some of them. I found myself really enjoying my own company. This is really different for me. I wasn’t putting pressure on myself, in any way shape or form . There was no thought of I wish I was with someone, or I wish I had a friend to go out with. I just enjoyed my own company. By the end of my meal, I was actually laughing my head off at the golfing fail clips.

You know that time when you watch something, and you just start laughing, and pretty soon people around are looking at what you laughing at and then they are laughing. Yeah well , that happened. God It felt so good!

I have come so far in this year. What used to capture my attention no longer does. My creative side is flying , I’m looking after myself in such a way that I have saved myself. Before I used to look for that someone save me , to love me. You know what? I don’t need that special someone to save me , cause I saved myself. Fuck it feels good.

Journaling, swimming everyday, meditating in the morning, creating in the mornings, this week I also start a 21 day positive affirmations by Louise Hay. They are already making a difference.

I’m thankful that I have had a chance to catch my breath. Most people don’t get that chance.

I’m thankful for friendships that have stood the test of time. I’m thankful of all of it.

The sun does shine again. And while the journey to getting my life back together isn’t over , I feel like the richest person live, I feel so grateful, support, and loved.

Be kind

And remember I love you

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