Music . I love songs with stories. I have been thinking of how we all resonate with different types of music. When I was growing up we would often put on Neil Diamond or ABBA, Australian legend Slim Dusty. I find myself having a lot of different music on my playlist. From heavy metal , jazz ,country . Keith Urban, Travis Collins, The McClymonts, but then my brother shared a song with me , by a band called Type O negative – Christian woman, which I loved, so that got added to the playlist. Creeds weathered spoke to my soul on a level that no other song did at the time. David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s song “under pressure “ has been on my playlist. Midnight oil. Asking Alexandria- alone in a room. Rage against the machine- killing in the name. Limp Bizkit my generation. Pink – hustle so many, so so many.

What ever I’m going through music has been a constant companion for me since I was a teenager. It doesn’t matter if you love classical, jazz ,pop, rock, alternate, heavy metal, death metal, country, all of it speaks to your heart and soul. There is a song out there for every human affliction. I find that amazing. I love walking down the street completely absorbed in a song, I do get stares and sometimes a smile. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes you gotta dance like no one is watching.( most people aren’t watching they are looking at their phones)

I’m grateful for music. I love music. I have cried, sobbed, danced, dreamed, fallen asleep, driven thousands of kilometres, I have danced and swayed my children, I have loved to music. There is something so magical about music.

So the next time you listen to your favourite band enjoy it in its wholeness, enjoy and embrace that moment of complete connectedness with that song.

Be kind

And remember I love you

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