Everyone you meet

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post. Working shift work in a new job , which I am enjoying. I’m also working hard on myself. Swimming everyday, ahhh what joy that routine is. Swimming is my time. It’s scared. I have learnt to its a time I don’t share with anyone. No one. Just me playing in the waves like a dolphin.

I am reading books that are good for my growth. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. Ultimate you by Sharon Pearson. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I find myself slowly opening up to the lessons.

I look back on the last year and can now acknowledge just how fucking amazing I am. Every time I fell down this year I have gotten back up. Determined to turn my pain into power. Resilient beyond words. Acknowledging my beautiful heart, my kindness, my love for humanity, my love of dogs, cats, the native animals of the country i was born in and love.

I have noticed that if I open myself up to learning I learn something every single day. Most of the time it’s from somebody I have had a conversation with. Whether it’s how passionate they are about their job, or their knowledge about a certain subject, or the love they have for a family member or how they have dealt with something with grace and confidence. I’m also learning to have boundaries. I know I have written about these things before, and I’m writing about it all again. Because it’s important. Boundaries aren’t just about telling others how to treat you . Boundaries are also about showing up for YOURSELF. I am finding every time I do this something happens inside me. A confidence.

Putting my hands over my heart and breathing deep and saying I love you, acknowledging my beautiful qualities.

Being grateful for all those that have checked in on me. The beautiful souls that have turned up in my life whether it was for a short time or reappeared in my life , all of them are support and love . In their own way , they are saying keep going warrior. There are also people that have come into my life to push me to instil boundaries. To make me say . No more. I deserve better. I’m done. I’m thankful for them to. We don’t grow when it’s rainbow and butterflies. We grow when shit gets hard, real fuckin hard.

So my challenge for you is to acknowledge the warrior in yourself. Put your hands on your heart and breath. Breath in peace and love. Breath out the tension. Start noticing people showing up in your life. Ask yourself what’s the lesson here? Because there is one. You may have to let go for resentment or anger. If you need to go to therapy, do it. You may need to start showing up for yourself. Because I hate break it to you, it’s no one else’s job to save you. That’s your job. If happiness and contentment are your aim start showing up for yourself. Be accountable, for the mistakes and the strength and victories.

It’s hard. But so fuckin worth it.

Be kind

And remember I love you and myself.

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