Self care and self love

I’m learning that there is a big difference between self care and self love.

Self care , for me, is swimming everyday, reading a bit of self improvement books. Having a nap when I need it., challenging my self to eat healthier, carbs make me depressed and lethargic and put on weight. This has taken time to actually become aware of what I need.

Self love , for me, is letting go of tension I hold on my body breathing holding my hands over my heart and feeling me. The depths of me. All of me and wrapping myself up in love. This isn’t a one time thing. It’s a life long journey. It recognising my gifts and strengths.

I tend to get so inside my own head. And having had depression my whole life ,I veer towards the negative . It’s a conscious decision and it takes work a lot of inner conscious work to get to a level of functionality.. I just keep on getting up after I fall and try again.

If you relate to this how in the next week can you improve on self care or self love? do you need to give yourself permission to put yourself first to do self care?

Try it out see how you go. It’s ok if you can’t the first time around. Keep trying.

Be kind

And remember I love you

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