When I saw you….

When I saw you at fair day my instant thought was you and your son have damaged me so much . I wanted to throat punch you.

When I saw you at fair day I got so angry that you had moved on.

Then , after a few days, I realised what a gift it was seeing you, to feel that anger. Why? Because it made me realise what a heavy burden you had both become. I was like I couldn’t move . And tired I was so tired and heavy from carrying you both around for these past years.

So I went to the beach. My beloved beach with waves rolling into meet me, as if to say, there you are ! Come wash it all away my darling girl. I laid on the sand and bought it all up. Feeling the emotion that I didn’t have words for. The hurt , the pain, the memories. Went into the waves and washed you both away, saying,” you too heavy now. I let you both go, I wish you well . Goodbye.”

I feel so much lighter now. I do wish you well. There are parts I will remember with fondness. And others I won’t give oxygen anymore.

I wish you well in your life

Good bye

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