Its been awhile

Hi everyone

I hope this post finds you are all coping with COVID-19 and the isolation that has come with it. Life is certainly challenging at times. These are the times of great opportunity. there many ways to see what the world is going through as something from a conspiracy theorists dream. but it is also lots of opportunities to see life from a growth perspective.

Growth is an essential part of life. if we seek to avoid it, then it will find us. how do i know this? i ran from growth most of my life. and it does find you. So how can we see what a rich growing patch we find ourselves in with COVID?

well ask yourself are you happy? are you tired? are you someone who gives so much that you have nothing left for yourself. you see now is the time to be asking lots of different questions to improve your mindset. now is the perfect time to reassess your life. to change your lifes direction. or catch your breath at least. Dr Wayne Dyer once said “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” I have found this to be so true in my own life. by just changing your mindset and how your look at your life or life in general your life will change.

if you aren’t happy in your life, where do you want your life to be? what is your dream? yes that one! that one you have forgotten about. that one you put at the back of your mind like a coat in a wardrobe in the lion the witch and the wardrobe. just for one minute. sit and think. did you always want to be in a certain sector? or maybe you wanted to learn something new? do you feel pulled towards something and don’t know how to get there? i know thats me too. but there is a way even if you are short of money. there is always a solution its just a matter of finding the fucker.

i started this blog last year when i was broke, and broken. i write this blog for you , so that you may know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope.

message me and i can coach you.

its worth it.

be kind

and remember i love you

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